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Forex Winner EA always uses the same swing trading strategies under the both packages. Basic & Super packages take the same trades in the same Trend Direction, as well TakeProfit and StopLoss levels are the same. But Super Package generates more profit percentage per month rather than the Basic Package. Super Package is designed with Extraordinary Trading Advantages and it offers some Advanced Unlocked Trading Features to the traders. Traders are fully independent to use All Trading Pairs, All Time Frames and able to customize the signals accuracy. The Super Package system gives 100% fully Non-Repainted and Purified visible Buy-Sell signals on the charts. That's why the Super Package is a little more expensive than the Basic one.



Basic Package can produce a limited and average return up to 50% per month only. Because it can run on limited 4 to 5 Major Currency Pairs and H4 timeframe only.


Auto Mode.png

Basic Package offers Auto Trading Mode only. Or It's a Auto Robot mode that works automatically in background without showing any trading strategy or signals on the MetaTrader 4 charts. Some extra customized features are not available under the Basic Package.

Major Pairs.png


Basic Package is eligible to trade on 4 to 5 Major Currency Pairs only. Because signals are invisible in this mode so users are unable to check the accuracy on all charts or trading instruments.

TImeFrame H4.png


Basic Package works on H4 time frame only. Users can't move it between different time frames.

Customize No.png


Basic Package has no option to customize the some important features like Trade Inversion, Maximum Orders Controls, Add Extra Trades, Change Signal Period, Change Signal Mode etc.



Super Package can produce over 75% return per month. Because users are fully independent to take some extra trading advantages and benefits within the Super package.



Super Package has Dual Trading Modes, so it offers 100% Non-Repainted Buy-Sell Signals on the charts along with Auto Mode. Users can also do the manual trading based on the signals at any other platforms like Binary Options, Mobile Platform, MT5 etc.

All Pairs.png


Super Package is suitable for all Currency Pair along with Stocks, Metals and some Crypto pairs. Because users can check the accuracy of any pairs rather than blindly attaching the EA on it.

All Timeframes.png


Super Package can work on all time frames including M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1 etc.

Customize YES.png


Customization options are independently unlocked in Super Package. Super Package users can take the advantage of unlocked features during trading and they can enhance the monthly ROI.

PACKAGES Frequently Asked Questions

Does both packages use same Trading Strategies?

Yes, Basic and Super Package use the same automated swing trading strategies. But Super Package generates over 75% profit within a month because it's fully unlocked to run on all pairs and timeframes.

Can I upgrade my existing Package?

Yes, only Basic Package can be upgraded into Super Package within a week by paying the rest amount of $300 only. *Discount is not applicable after a one week time period since your purchase. (Rent Package and Ultra Package has not any option to upgrade) 

What discounts are available on packages?

Basic Package has 20% OFF and Super has 30% OFF.

Does Forex Winner Super signals repaint?

No, Forex Winner signals are 100% Non-Repainted. 

Can i use Super Package's signals on other platforms?

Yes, you can trade manually based on the Super Package signals on your other MT4, MT5 & Binary Options accounts.

What's the best and most popular package?

First of all, Forex Winner EA strategy is the best. Packages only have different features based on the traders requirements. All packages are inbuilt with auto trading option but Super Package removes all trading restrictions for traders like- Trading Pairs restrictions, Timeframes restrictions, Manual Trading Options restrictions, Signals Visibility restrictions etc. That's why Super Package enhances the ROI per month. If you are seeking for an automated trading Robot only with a limited ROI per month then Basic Package is enough for you, In case you want to double your monthly return without any restrictions then go with Super package. Although Super Package is the most popular.

What's the difference between Rent Package and Ultra Package?

Rent Package Users can take the Basic and Super Package on rent for a month time period. Basic Rent Package charges are $299 only and Super Rent Package charges are $599 only.
Ultra Package offers MQ4 Source Code to the users, they can Edit, Rename, Modify, Remove Comments and can make all possible changes with the files as they want. Basic Ultra Package cost is $4,999 only, and Super Ultra Package cost is $9,999 only. This is a one-time cost without any hidden or extra charges.

Packages FAQ
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