Are you tired of losing again & again in Forex ?

We have converted our manual trading strategies into successful automated Forex Robot


​It won't be wrong if you call "Profit Machine" to the Forex Winner EA. This amazing EA is based on a combination of 3 successful Forex trading strategies that is inbuilt with a mixture of many important technical indicators to get best results on a daily basis. As statistics says, unfortunately 95% traders are losing their hard earned money in the Forex Market and the key factor is "wrong trading system" with "bad money management" taking small profits and huge losses most of the time. But this Robot identifies the more accurate Buy or Sell entries and enters with auto calculated risk & reward ratio percentage along with solid Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop & Break Even. Forex Winner EA takes more safe orders and manages them before opening the new orders. Robot is based on pure "Trend is Your Friend" strategy and never uses Martingale, Grid, Hedging and Averaging trading methods. This is a revolutionary automated trading robot in the Forex market that can handle all economically impacts automatically, like- NFP (Non-Farm Payrolls & Employment Change), PPI (Producer Price Index), CPI (Consumer Price Index), FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee), GDP (Gross Domestic Product) etc. Forex Winner EA is equipped with a predictive self-updating algorithm that calculates upcoming trend and market movements. The magic occurs when it predicts with high accuracy where future market turning points are expected. This ultimate trading formula gives small losses and big profit trades always. Forex Winner EA opens a single order at a time based on signals received from back end indicators. Yes, EA opens a single order and manages it first! An average return is over 50% profit every month and Forex Winner EA uses compound interest formula on your capital investments. The most important thing is that Forex Winner EA is a 100% fully honest trading system that tests itself and grabs Blue Profit Pips in real time.

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Minimum Deposit



Signals Accuracy



Monthly Return



Maximum Draw Down




Forex Winner EA uses pure swing trading strategies


Don't worry ! It never uses any martingale trading style


EA hates grid and hedge trading methods


It always uses StopLoss, TakeProfit & TrailingStop 


EA offers both trading modes for different traders


   100% Non-Repainted Buy-Sell Signals   

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Please Note: Don't ask for the investor passwords, because we never want to get copied our trading history, statements and live trades. For latest and real trading results kindly check the Myfxbook links, Telegram Channel, Facebook Page, YouTube MT4 Accounts Videos and Twitter with live updates. As well as check our real time Customers Reviews about Forex Winner EA.

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Forex Winner EA Rent Package


✔ Allow 1 Real Account

✔ Free 1 Demo Account

✔ For 1 Month Only

✘ Allow Upgrading

✘ Allow Discounts

✔ Basic On Rent: $249

✔ Super On Rent: $499

Forex Winner EA Basic Package

25% OFF


✔ Allow 1 Real Account

✔ Free 1 Demo Account

✔ Up To 50% Monthly ROI

✔ Allow 4 to 5 Pairs Only

✔ Auto Trading Mode Only

✘ Allow Customization

✔ 24/5 Customer Support

Forex Winner EA offers 4 trading packages, but mainly there are 2 packages Basic and Super. These both packages have optional version of the Rent package and Ultra package. All packages have the same Swing Trading strategy but these are categorized based on some different features. Super package is designed with more unlocked advanced trading features that helps to enhance the monthly ROI. Users can buy the suitable package according to their demand and choice. Super package is the most popular and high demand package.

Click here to check detailed Packages Comparison.

Forex Winner EA Super Package


40% OFF

✔ Allow 1 Real Account

✔ Free 1 Demo Account

✔ Over 50% Monthly ROI

✔ Allow All Pairs + Metals

✔ Auto + Manual Modes

✔ Allow Customization

✔ 24/7 Customer Support

Forex Winner EA Ultra Package


80% OFF

✔ Unlimited Real Accounts

✔ Unlimited Demo Accounts

✔ Included MQ4 Source Files

✔ Allow Rename & Editing

✔ Comments Customization

✔ Basic Ultra Price: $4,999

✔ Super Ultra Price: $9,999

Packages Name



Monthly Return


Over 50%

Manual Trading Option



Signals Customization

Signals Visibility



All Features Unlocked

Indicator Optimization

Trading Time Frame

H4 Only


Trading Instruments

Major Pairs


PC Restrictions

Discount on Packages

25% OFF

40% OFF


Pay your selected Package Amount thru given payments methods. Ask for the Crypto Wallet Address and QR Code to pay via BTC, BNB, ETH, Tether, LiteCoin, Ripple, Tron etc. with smallest transaction fees.

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Note: We have facilitated IMPS and Bank Transfer through our Payment Partners for some countries on the current USD rate on Google. Ask for the bank details and directly pay in your Local Currency without any transaction fees.
e.g. Selected Package x Current USD rate on Google.

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Ask for the Wallet Address & QR Code to pay via BTC, BNB, ETH, USDT, LTC, XRP, TRX etc. with smallest transaction fees.

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Is it an automated robot(EA), a manual strategy or an indicator?

It's an Automated Forex Trading Robot that trades in MT4 platform automatically. Super Package offers manual trading options too with Non-Repainted Forex Winner Indicator.

What do i need to start trading with Forex Winner EA?

You need at least a PC with stable internet connection or any low cost Windows VPS.

How much money is safe to start trading with Forex Winner EA?

You can safely start with as little as $100 only with 0.01 lot size.

What is the average monthly return percentage?

Forex Winner EA generates over 50% average profit per month. Monthly ROI may higher than it for Super Package holders, Because some extra trading features and options are available in Super Package. As per seen at a client's account EA has generated $20,327 profit within 19 months with a small deposit of $520 only under the Super Package, and another one earned 1355% profit within 13 months.

Does Forex Winner EA use Take Profit and Stop Loss?

Yes, EA always uses Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop & Break Even levels properly.

Does Forex Winner EA use auto money management?

Yes, Forex Winner EA is inbuilt with auto money management. It takes 0.01 Lot size on $100 account balance. There are 2 options for lot size.
1. Auto Lot: EA takes trades automatically based on the account balance.
2. Manual Lot or Fixed Lot: Users can set their own choice lot size.

Can i run this EA during news time?

It's up to you, though use proper Stop Loss to protect the orders.

How much draw-down can be occured during trading?

Normally, 10% to 15% draw-down is seen during trading.

Can I run Forex Winner EA on my multiple MT4 accounts?

No, Only 1 Real and 1 Demo account licenses are available with packages. You can buy additional copy for your another MT4 accounts or book Ultra Package.

Can i do manual trades with Forex Winner EA?

Yes, manual trading option is available under the Super Package only. You can use the Forex Winner Indicator separately within Super Package.

What's the major difference between Packages?

Trading strategies are same for both packages, but Super Package can generate more profit percentage per month rather than Basic Package. Click here for all detailed differences between packages.

Do you offer free trial or demo of Forex Winner EA?

Yes, 1 Demo account license is free along with the Packages. Company doesn't offer any trial or demo separately, because Forex Winner EA is well tested and results are verified by Myfxbook. It made over $20K profit within 19 months, and gained over 1355% Profit within 13 months in another account. Please check the Myfxbooks here.
Myfxbook Account-1
Myfxbook Account-2

Do you share investor passwords?

No, Never ! We never allow to someone get copied our trading history, statements & live trades. For latest and real trading results kindly check the Myfxbook Links, Telegram Channel, Facebook Page, MT4 Videos, Real Time Testimonials By Clients and Twitter with live updates thanks.
Attention Please: If you are not satisfied with above given Verified Results and Real Times Clients Reviews then leave it please, it's not made for you. Thanks for reaching out!

Are there any extra hidden charges for Forex Winner EA?

No, finally it's a one-time purchase. No any extra hidden charges.

What payment methods do you use?

Currently, we accept BitCoin, Ethereum, USDT, BNB, Ripple, LiteCoin, Tron, Bank Transfer or IMPS. For making a payment through Cryptocurrency wallets, please ask our Crypto Wallet address and pay with smallest transaction fees.

When do I get the Forex Winner EA after paying?

Instantly, check your email for download link. Or contact to our executive Telegram Support Team.

Do you give money back guarantee?

No, we are happy with our current rate of client acquisition. We never give any money back guarantee at any condition, for more details please read terms and conditions. As well as we never force to anyone to buy the software. Our duty is to provide the right and available information to you, decision and choice are always yours.

Do i have to pay extra for future updates?

No, future updates are totally free of cost. EA will automatically update itself when new updates receives.

Can i upgrade my existing package?

​Yes, only Basic Package can be upgraded into Super Package within a week by paying the rest amount of $300 only. *Discount is not applicable after one week time period since your purchase !
Note: Rent Package and Ultra Package has not any option to upgrade.

What types of support do you provide to your customers?

We provide 24/7 TeamViewer remote support to the Super Package holders and 24/5 TeamViewer remote support to Basic Package holders.

How many trades does EA open at a time?

Forex Winner EA always opens Single Trade at a time in the Trend Direction. It never uses Martingale, Grid and Hedging trading styles.

What's the current version of Forex Winner EA is going on?

Current and latest version "v3.4" is going on.


​Please Note: These Reviews are real, and provided by our Existing Customers after experiencing the packages of Forex Winner EA.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


If you have any more questions related to Forex Winner EA please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is available round the clock to serve you better.

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